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Respond to reviews with AI, automatically.

110% Money Back Guarantee

We’re that sure that you’ll want to keep working with us. We’ll give you a full refund plus 10% more.


Incredible features that others just don’t come close to.

Reviews are one of the most powerful tools for marketing to increase brand awareness and build trust. Rep AI Assistant makes it easy for you.

Automatic Replies

What good is AI if you still have to read, review, edit, publish each response?!
Rep AI Assistant does that for you!

100% Unique

No cookie cutter templates. Rep AI Assistant reads and responds like a person would.

Sentiment Analysis

Rep AI Assistant takes everything into consideration: Review Sentiment, Star rating, Trigger Keywords, Your Organization, Your Industry and then responds appropriately to negative and positive reviews.

Trigger Keyword Failsafe

What if you don’t want it to respond to certain reviews?

Rep AI Assistant already watches out for certain keywords that may be better responded to by you. For example, if you’re a hotel and someone mentions “death” or “bed bugs” in a review. You may have policies for how you handle that so it kicks it over to you.

Rep AI Assistant has custom filters for you, just let us know the keywords that you want to handle and we’ll kick it over to you every time.

Review Generation

Rep AI Assistant doesn’t just respond to reviews, it helps you get them!

We’ll set you up with ways to get reviews on autopilot and you don’t even need to upload contact lists to yet another app! Easy Peasy.

Safe Mode

Not sure you trust Rep AI Assistant to respond like you want?

Let us know and Rep AI Assistant will monitor for reviews and send you an alert with a ready to copy and paste response ready to go.

You’ll see first hand why others trust Rep AI Assistant to automatically respond for them.

Easy 3 Click Setup

It takes less time than it takes some people to respond to 1 review.

In 3 minutes, you can add Rep AI Assistant to your Google Business Profile and not worry about responding to another review again!

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• Cancel anytime  • 110% Money back guarantee  • Instant activation

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What others think about GB Opti.

I just started a service based company and had GB Opti help us launch our Google Business Profile, Local SEO, and Reputation Management. We got customers right away and they keep coming!

- Perrin H, Business Owner

Extremely driven to results.
I highly recommend them to anyone in need of getting leads and calls.

- Kenny S, Business Owner

Trusted by B2B and B2C brands, agencies, franchises, and resellers across every industry.



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Industry insights on why GB Opti is just plain smart.

9/10 people read reviews when deciding to use or not a local business.
Google is the #1 website people turn to for reviews.

Reviews are a critical factor in local marketing and ranking in Google Business Profile (fka Google My Business).

We help you get more reviews!

53% of people want a fast response to negative reviews.

More than half (53%) of people want a response to a negative review within a week of posting. One in three (33%) people expect a response within three days.

Google wants it even faster. Responding quickly helps build trust and to improve rankings.
Our AI responds quickly for you.

89% of people are “highly” or “fairly” likely to use a business if they respond to all of it’s reviews.

55% would feel good about a business if someone responds to their feedback.

Responding to all Google reviews, good or bad, builds trust for other people plus helps boost confidence in your brand.

Rep AI Assistant responds automatically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more reviews?

Short answer, you need to ask for reviews consistently but we’ll make it easy for you! We’ll create custom templates for you to ask for reviews via SMS, Email, Print, and QR codes. No more uploading contact list into yet another app.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, our services are month to month so you can cancel at any time unless you’re on an annual plan.

I need help! Do you have support?

Yes, we have live support available during US business hours.

How does pricing work?

Subscription tiers are based on the total number of locations you want Rep AI Assistant on. Have more than 10 locations? Email us at or schedule a demo.

Is there a moneyback guarantee?

Yes! Learn more on our guarantee page

What if I don't want it to respond to certain reviews?

We already watch out for certain keywords that might be better suited for a manual response. Example, something that mentions death or bed bugs. We can set up custom filters for your Rep AI Assistant, just let us know!

Do you work with Enterprises?

Yes, please email us at or schedule a demo to learn more.

Do you have a free trial?

No, we currently don’t have a free trial but we do have a live demo and a money back guarantee.

What platforms does it respond ?

Rep AI Assistant currently responds on Google. It is the #1 website for people to check reviews on. Want to integrate with another platform, let us know!

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• Cancel anytime  • 110% Money back guarantee  • Instant activation